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  • The Odessa Art Museum

    The opening of the museum in 1899 was initiated by Odessa fine arts society that was founded in 1865. The collection of the museum started with the paintings donated by St. Peterburg Academy of Arts. There are more 10000 original works of art made by Ukrainian and Russian painters of the time period from XVI century to the beginning of XX century. The museum is situated in the center of Odessa, above the sea, in the building of a palace that is an architectural monument of the beginning of XIX century. The palace has an artificial underground grotto open for visitors.

    The exposition of the museum is accommodated in 26 halls on two floors. It is constructed according to historical and chronological sequence following monographic principle of showing works of each author.

  • The Odessa State Literature Museum

    Odessa Literature Museum was opened in 1984. The building in which the museum located, was built in 1840 on the project of Odessa architect Ludwig Otton by order of the prince Gagarin family. At the end of the XIX century the building was occupied by the literature-artistic society. Bunin, Kuprin and Zeev-Zhabotinsky were among the members of the society.

    Now the museum has 21 exhibition halls with more than 5 thousands exhibits of 358 masters.

  • The Archaeological Museum of Odessa

    The achievements of the North Pontic Greek states influenced local populations of southern Ukraine. Being a part of the ancient world and maintaining close ties with ancient Greece, the cradle of European civilization, they significantly participated in the development of many ancient cultures.

    The Catalogue presents about 200 rare examples of Greek antiquities from the Archaeological Museum of Odessa, many of which have never been published. Publication of this Catalogue would have been impossible without the initiative and support from the Foundation Anastasios G. Leventis (Cyprus), the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (Odessa Branch) and the Consulate General of Greece in Odessa.

  • The Odessa Local History Museum

    The museum was opened on the 6th of May in 1956 on the basis of Odessa regional history museum. The palace type building was a project of the famous polish architect Felix Gonsirovskyy in 1876 for one of the large representatives of industrial commercial elite of the time - Alexander Yakovlevich Novikov.

    The first exposition was disposed there in August 1944. It was the exhibition "Heroic defence of Odessa" on the basis of which subsequently the republican Museum of defence of Odessa had been created.

    Nowadays there are 12 expositions, which tell about the history of Odessa since the 15th century.

  • The Bleschunov Municipal Museum of Personal Collections

    The only museum of private collections in Ukraine sprang up in Odessa in 1989. Now it is named by Alexander Bleschunov, collector and mountaineer, who Donated his collection of works op art to the city. This collection became the foundation of the museum. It preserves both an inimitable aromas of “a home collection” and traditions, which arose during the life of its founder.

    The museum is situated in the same house where the collectors lived and kept his collection. Its basis is made of the articles of applied art grouped in mini-collections. The exposition is built according to geographical principle in such a way, that visit to the museum becomes a real traveling. It is not surprising as articles that are kept here were gathered from the most different parts of Europe and Asia.

  • The Odessa museum of western and east art

    The museum has been created on the basis of private collections of inhabitants of Odessa in 1920. The building is a monument of architecture, Abaza’s Palace, the Odessa negotiator, the dealer of grain, constructed in 1856-1858 under the project of architect L.Ottona. Palace interiors are full of rich parget work in decor, carving decorating doors, fittings made of bronze.

    Three basic departments of the museum represent works of painting, artistic graphics and sculpture of antiquity, West European and East schools. The richest part is the department of the West European art where works of masters with 14 for 20 centuries are collected. A magnificent display of paintings is opened with the pictures of artists of Renaissance, an original pearl among which is «the Madonna on Throne »- a canvas of the unknown author, dated 1519.

    Michelangelo, Rubens, Pierre Minjara, France Galsa’s works represent a great value of the museum exposition. The exposition of the Oriental art has been created in 1951 and presented with more than 2 thousand works of the people of the East, dated 16-20 centuries Among them - the Japanese weapon, Buddhist and Tibetan figurines, ritual accessories, utensils, and household things.
    This museum collection is considered to be the best in Ukraine.

    Address: 9, Pushkinskaya str.

    Tel: +38(048)7246746, 7224815

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