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About Odessa

Odessa is a very special city since itís foundation. It was always the mixture of the lot of nationalities, for example, at the present more than 1.000.000 people represent 135 nations from all around the World! Such a mixture was the reason that made this city became very cosmopolitan, where each guest is always welcome and people are friendly and simple. There are also very undertaking and businesslike, creative and practical.

The fact that Odessa is located at the Black Sea shores made it very attractive as the vacation place still since its foundation at 1794. The Sea Port is located at the central part of the city, but aside of the Port there is a long line of beaches that length at its both sides to the end of this big city.

Since a lot of guests traditionally were coming to this city for vacation, Odessa developed a huge tourist infrastructure, restaurants, discos, night clubs, hotels, theaters, etc.

Where all these people stay when they come to Odessa? Since Soviet times Odessa had a few hotels of the questionable quality and services. However since 1991 when Ukraine started the new way of life, things has been changed dramatically. New big and small hotels of different classes were built as well as private apartments rent business developed extensively.

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