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Each year Odessa meets more guests from different countries than before. The smart people there could not miss such a business opportunity and a lot of people buy apartments at the center of the city for reconstruction and further rent. The buildings at the central part of the city are very old, 100 and more years. During the communist years they were taken a very poor care of and look terrible both inside and outside. It takes an extraordinary hard efforts to make such apartments comfortable and pleasant for stay at. During last 5-7 years hundreds fully reconstructed apartments for rent in Odessa appeared at the market. The owners equip them with the separate water and heating systems, some most modern apartments in Odessa have computers and internet connection. Since competition at the apartment rent business is rather strong, each new Odessa apartment is nicer than previous, better located, better equipped and better serviced.

Prices for the Odessa apartments

Prices for the apartments in Odessa depend on the quality of the reconstruction, location and the number of rooms. One room apartment may cost from $35.00 to $110.00 per night. $35.00/night apartment normally has a room, kitchen and a bathroom. Sleeping place is either a simple bed of the questionable quality or a pull out couch that makes a Queen size bed. Location of such apartment won’t be at the main Deribasovskaya street, but a few blocks away.

A standard apartment in Odessa for the daily rent, located at Deribasovskaya street would cost you $50.00-$60.00 per night. It would have a Queen size bed, fully equipped kitchen, cable TV.

The high class apartments with one or two rooms would cost $60.00-$70.00 per night at the low season and $70.00-$90.00 at the high season.

There are a very few DE LUXE quality apartments in Odessa. They have everything you might think of: from hairdryer to Home Cinema and WiFi internet connection. The sample of such Odessa apartmentsOdessa apartment.

DE LUXE apartments are purely clean, have new and comfortable Western furniture, large plazma TV, computers, full set machines for cooking. Some Land Lords provide extra class services such as daily cleaning of the apartments, free laundry and other free maid services. Prices for the DE LUXE 1-bedroom apartments in Odessa may very from $90.00 to $110.00 at the low season and from $100.00 to $150.00 at the high season. The 2 bedroom DE LUXE Odessa apartment may cost from $120.00 - $180.00.

How to rent apartment in Odessa?

There are many services that provide apartments rent in Odessa. Some of them just manage apartments from Land Lords, others may have their own Odessa apartments for rent. Since such businesses contact the Western customers personally, they definitely know what clients value and like. So, normally apartments that are owned by the apartments rent services are better done, nicer, better equipped and better serviced.

“Odessa Apartments” is one of such services. It is on the Apartment rent market for 10 years and has a number of own apartments in Odessa. The company has a nice office located at the main Deribasovskaya street and is easy to find. The office is open 7 days a week and there is always some one who can help their customer either in person or on the phone. It is a great advantage that 5 (!) of the apartments for rent in Odessa that they own are located at the same building as the office of the company. All staff speaks English and they are very friendly and helpful. It is very convenient for the visitor who doesn’t speak the local language to have the possibility to get assistance any time at any case. You can ask about location of any object, about how to make a local or international call, the staff can accompany you to a bank and to help to get serviced there as 99% Ukrainians do not speak English.

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